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Istanbul Protocol as a tool for rehabilitation of torture victims

Presenter(s) and co-author(s): Ms. Kristina Gevorkyan ( Foundation Against the Violation of Law - Armenia )


The Istanbul Protocol (i.e. IP) has a profound impact in assessment of torture and ill-treatment, for investigating such allegations, and reporting findings to the judiciary or other investigative bodies.
Suggesting approach:
- how using IP evaluations can contribute to rehabilitation or to well-being of torture victims;
- how participation in justice system affects positively on victims of torture
- how abuse of the justice system or lack of response of the justice system negatively impacts the well-being of torture victims
- ability of victims suffered torture effects to participate in justice system
- need to health-based and IP approach


The purpose of the medical and psychological evaluation using IP is to provide expert opinion on the degree to which medical and psychological findings relate with the alleged victim’s allegation of torture and to effectively communicate the medical and psychological findings to the judiciary or other appropriate authorities. Medical testimony often serves to educate the judiciary, other government officials, the local and international community on the physical and psychological sequel and impacts of torture.
The following methodology is suggested to be used for IP evaluations as a tool in achieving rehabilitation of torture victims:
1. Revealing comprehensive medical, psychological and psychiatric effects of torture using IP.
2. Work of multidisciplinary group with the torture victim.
3. Work with torture victims by NGOs using IP, which implies a recovery focused within one organization.
4. Rehabilitation of secondary torture victims.

(See attachment for Details on methodology)


Rehabilitation and documentation of torture through IP usually aims at promoting democracy and respect for human rights. In the context of using IP as rehabilitation tool, which will be later used in the justice system can play a very positive role in achieving strong results in well-being and rehabilitation of torture victims.
The following results will be achieved through analysis of the use of IP as an instrument to achieve rehabilitation of torture victims:
- IP as powerful tool used in rehabilitation process for torture victims.
- the victims of torture directly participating in the justice system enjoy partial or full rehabilitation.
- Proven health-based and IP approach in achieving rehabilitation of torture victims
- Rehabilitation of secondary victims.

Funding & No Conflicts Declaration

The paper will be developed through the resources of the member center, i.e. FAVL and based on the findings of the center. Author: Kristina Gevorkyan

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