Online proceedings for the IRCT General Assembly and 10th International Scientific Symposium - Delivering on the Promise of the Right to Rehabilitation

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Research on victims of tortures has been conducted at the Jagiellonian University Medical College for tens of years. In that time four groups of patients have been included and adequate care has been provided to them: 1. Former concentration camps prisoners, 2. Former political prisoners of the communistic period, 3. People deported from Poland due to political reasons by the Russian communistic regime to Siberia, 4. The others e.g. veterans, Holocaust survivors.


Research methods included a complex psychiatric, psychological and internal medicine examination. Patients have filled out questionnaires adequate to presented symptoms and were subjected to specialist laboratory blood tests. With the passage of time the four groups have undergone major changes connected with social situation and ageing of participants and
currently the major group consists of people persecuted during childhood for political or nationality related reasons by the soviet rule, e.g. deported, confined in camps.


Taking into consideration the continuing interest in participation in research and treatment programs among the persecuted, a high social need has been identified in this group for health evaluation and for providing proof of the consequences of persecution. Besides the purely medical perspective this has also social impact in the form of both individual moral retribution as well as in a broader sense in promoting historical knowledge and tolerance towards people with different views, ideas and origin.

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