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The need for the Relaxation CD was to help clients learn how to relax, decrease body tension and calm themselves by better understanding the connection between mind and body, thus increasing their capacity to self-regulate.

The CD introduces the techniques of Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Visualisation through two separate relaxation exercises that can be utilised together or separately.
This CD has been produced in the following languages: Bosnian, Cantonese, Serbian, Spanish, Tetum, Tamil, English and Arabic and is currently being produced and will be recorded in Khmer, French, Kiswahili, Vietnamese, Assyrian, Dari, Kurdish, Hazaragi, Krio, Mandarin, Karen, Somali, Dinka, Farsi.


1) Consultation with refugee community leaders to narrow down the main languages spoken by refugees in Sydney.

2) Information analysis about the country of origin of the refugees arriving in Australia during 2013.

3) Research evidence based relaxation techniques that are effective and culturally appropriate for torture and trauma survivors.

4) Translation of scripts with the involvement and participation of refugee community leaders, volunteers and STARTTS staff members.

5) Voice recording of the CDs with the active participation of community leaders, volunteers and staff members who participated directly in the voice recording or conducted an audio revision.

6) Production of the relaxation Cds.

7) Design and implementation of a promotion proposal.

8) Distribution and evaluation.


Thousands of STARTTS clients have already accessed copies of the Relaxation CD in their language free of charge. This tool has proven effective assisting counsellors during sessions, teaching clients how to relax and achieve better control of their emotions and their body responses. Clients are, then, able to follow up their counsellor’s recommendations and practice their skills.
Other community based organisations are also able to obtain copies of this tool for their clients, and use it in their activities.
The most important feature of this tool is that it provides clients with an opportunity to learn and practice this otherwise difficult skill (relaxation) in the privacy of their own homes, independently and at their own pace. When clients encounter future crisis they can access this tool to reinforce their previous learning about self-regulation.

Funding & No Conflicts Declaration

The Relaxation CD has been funded through STARTTS internal funding. The authors report no conflict of interests.

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