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Assessment of trait and state anxiety and posttraumatic symptoms severity in chronic PTSD and their stability over time.


The study group included 164 Poles persecuted for political reasons in years 1939-1968 with diagnosis of chronic PTSD. None of the patient had received psychiatric treatment before initial evaluation (time 1). Polish versions of the Spilberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and the civilian Mississippi PTSD Questionnaire were used to measure the levels of anxiety and posttraumatic symptoms at time 1 and after 2 years (time 2). Between time 1 and time 2 patients were given psychiatric treatment – mainly pharmacological.


There was a high level of posttraumatic symptoms and both symptoms of momentary anxiety (State scale) and anxiety as a constant personality characteristic (Trait scale) at time 1. No significant change was observed in the level of posttraumatic symptoms and symptoms of trait and state anxiety at follow-up. Post-traumatic symptoms and both trait and state anxiety symptoms are stable over time in chronic PTSD, what makes them a challenge to different therapeutic interventions.

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