Online proceedings for the IRCT General Assembly and 10th International Scientific Symposium - Delivering on the Promise of the Right to Rehabilitation

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The right to rehabilitation in areas of civil war, dictatorship and terrorism

Presenter(s) and co-author(s): Mr. Mohamad Safa ( Khiam Rehabilitation Center - Lebanon )


The rehabilitation of victims of torture is a concern for Africa. This is evidenced in the presence and work of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights and civil society organizations. The international community through its social, moral and financial actions cannot be left out. However, conflicts and tensions reigning in Africa constantly diminish the efforts made by these stakeholders. This situation renders rehabilitation unstable and complex. It is in this vein that the reflection on the rehabilitation of victims of torture within the African context is justified.


To successfully carry out this qualitative study, we asked the following question, how can a victim of torture be rehabilitated within the African context? The intended objective was to determine the ways in which the rehabilitation of a victim of torture can be carried out within that context. Our sample size was 10 persons i.e. 4 persons working with victims of torture and 6 victims of torture. The information was collected using a question guide and a scale showing the degree of satisfaction. This guide was validated and signed by each key informant. Furthermore, a research authorization duly signed by the Director of Trauma Centre was presented to them.


The results highlight social, medical and psychological support with regards to responses from workers. It is important to note that this assistance respects a well determined framework. On the side of the victim, the assistance did not provide them with the basis to think of a better future. They are at times confronted with realities stronger than the mechanisms put in place to defend them. What suggestions can be made to workers, partners, and victims themselves in this case?

Funding & No Conflicts Declaration

This study has been carried out by us and is fully funded by Trauma Centre Cameroon

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