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100 years of the post-traumatic disorders studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland

Presenter(s) and co-author(s): Prof. Krzysztof Rutkowski ( Department of Psychotherapy , Jagiellonian University Medical College - Poland ), Dr. Edyta Dembinska ( Department of Psychotherapy , Jagiellonian University Medical College - Poland )


The aim of the presentation is to give an overview of the almost hundred-year history of research into post-traumatic disorders, which was conducted at first In the Clinic for Nervous and Mental Diseases at the Jagiellonian University and later on in other units.


The first publications come from the World War I period. The next publications dating from the period after World War II and concerning people who were victims of the political persecutions are also discussed. The most recent research focuses on people who were persecuted by the communist regime and on the second generation of survivors of the war.
Patients from WWI have been mostly vetarans, all other were victims of tortures, as former concentration camps prisoners, former political prisoners of the communistic period, people deported from Poland due to political reasons by the Russian communistic regime to Siberia and others.


The presentation also mentions the long legacy of the special issues of the journal Przeglad lekarski, which were twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their publications about the after-effects of political persecutions.

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