Online proceedings for the IRCT General Assembly and 10th International Scientific Symposium - Delivering on the Promise of the Right to Rehabilitation

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16 years in support of survivors of torture from Moldova

Presenter(s) and co-author(s): Dr. Ludmila Popovici ( RCTV Memoria - Moldova )


Since 2006, Republic of Moldova was condemned by European Court of Human Rights in about 80 cases, on art 3 (prohibition of torture). The real number of torture victims is huge, but the state response to the art 14 of UNCAT is still null, ignoring the international obligations. RCTV “Memoria” is the only Rehabilitation Center for torture victims in Moldova. In spite of constraints, difficulties and risks, in 16 years we promoted continuously the right to rehabilitation in a country where torture was a practice in soviet past, but the phenomenon and impunity persist.


Comprehensive services are provided by a small interdisciplinary team – Medical doctors (3), Psychologists (2), Social assistant (1) and legal Counselor (1). Rehabilitation programs include: 1) Screening, counseling, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of the health, social and legal after-effects; 2) Medical documentation for access to justice and compensations; 3) Social, legal counseling and support. The individual rehabilitation programs are focused on physical, mental, psycho-social sequels and correspond to the requirements of the GC N3 of CAT to art 14 UNCAT. The holistic approach of the suffered traumas is efficient in the country context and helps survivors to overcome the after-effects of torture, to re-build or to continue their lives with dignity.


A country based model of rehabilitation developed and improved.
Over 2000 victims and their families have been assisted in short or long-term programs, within annual on-going projects.
Istanbul Protocol has been used, promoted, printed in Romanian (4000 copies) and distributed to relevant state institutions, students and professionals.
All torture cases are documented for access to justice and compensations. ECtHR has considered Memoria’s medical reports in 18 cases (e.g. Colibaba, Gurgurov, Taraburca, Tretiacov, etc.)
An interdisciplinary research study and report* “The torture and ill-treatment of children in the context of juvenile justice: Prevalence, impact, prevention, detection, assistance and accountability”, has been performed for UNICEF Moldova (2012).
Two books with victims’ testimonies has been released: (1) “Shattered destinies” along with a documentary with the same name (2005) and (2) “I want to fly and dream again” (2014).
35 national events and 2 international conferences organized.

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