Online proceedings for the IRCT General Assembly and 10th International Scientific Symposium - Delivering on the Promise of the Right to Rehabilitation

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Healing of psychosocial trauma such as torture is a complex process. A recovery of society and healing individual survivors has limitations where impunity exists. Evidence based studies are difficult to conduct about the healing impact of legal justice, since impunity is still widespread in Turkey.


The purpose of the this study is to discuss the healing and justice relationship whereas an effective investigation and medical documentation are among main instruments . Psychological evaluation and medical documentation process of case examples are presented with various signs of healing.


Medical documentation has not been a priority for most of the torture survivors in Turkey due to persistence of impunity. However, Gezi demonstrations and aftereffects in 2013 caused a change of attitude among people who had been subjected to police violence which amounted to torture during these events. Total number of application in four branches of HRFT was 297 in two months, and 234 people suffered at least one traumatic injury; whereas in 63 cases, no traumatic injuries were identified other than exposure to chemical gas. All of the cases requested a medicolegal documentation.
Although all of the Gezi event cases demanded for medicolegal documentation, a limited number of them started a legal process and none of the cases received a judgement yet. A comparison with other cases who had a final result, and medical documentation process are discussed.

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